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Friday, February 22, 2008

On The Seashore

The wet seashore,
The raging waves
And the lengthening shadows.

On this lonely seashore
Only the two of us.

The dusk, shy and beautiful
With its nimble fingers
Draws rainbows on your cheeks.

On this white sandy beach, I sit
Looking at your long blue eyes
The wind is howling;
The cold winter night comes
Clad in her dark robes.

With her long fingertips,
The sea rubs away the footprints
Still remaining on the shore.

Looking at the setting sun
You sit here beside me.
On this lonely seashore
Only the two of us.

(This poem was published in 'Endless Mysteries', an anthology published by the International Library of Poetry in Summer 2002 page 145. Audio recording by the Int'l Library of Poetry ).

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